Sunday, 21 February 2016

drawings against distress - charity art bonanza!

Hi guys

So for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you'll know that every day for the past 100 days I have been drawing a picture and posting it, as a way to make myself draw again after years of being rubbish. Today is day 100, I'm scattering a few of my faves throughout this post to alleviate boredom, but you can see the rest of the drawings nowhere.

I've really enjoyed this challenge and found that I've loosened up a lot and my drawings are getting a lot better. So I'm going to carry on posting a drawing a day to Facebook for the time being until I sort out a more formal platform or something.

At the Manchester People's Assembly - Austerity Cut it Out meeting the other week Sam and Jade talked about their experiences at the refugee camp in Dunkirk. There are a lot more women and children there than at the Calais camp, and it's less widely covered in the media, but the levels of squalor are unreal. There is a link to a video of them speaking at the end of this post. I felt very emotional listening to these women speak and I want to help raise some money to help the camps, in the absence of either of our governments doing anything useful. Like the video says: sending aid is good but only a temporary solution.

So, I thought: if anyone wants to buy any of my 100 sketches so far, please message me either on facebook or email ( and offer anything you want. All of that money will go towards the camp fund. As the drawings are on both sides of sketchbook pages you will probably get two for your money, woo hoo!

Also for the next 100 days I will continue to draw what has turned into a very basic diary comic. I doubt people will really want to buy scribbly drawing of me doing nothing/being depressed/annoyed, but you can if you want.

In addition to this I will take orders for drawings, and send the original drawing by post (I'll pay for postage - 2nd class, no messing). For £10 you will get a unique bit of Delilah-quality artwork. I will pay myself £5 per drawing because I only work part-time and I have to eat, and the other £5 will go towards the camp fund. If I get one order per day, in 100 days I will have raised £500 to buy supplies and help make these poor people's lives very slightly not as dreadful.

Does that sound fair? I feel sort of bad taking money for myself but unfortunately we live in the sort of society where money is useful and I don't have a lot of it!
So start thinking of drawings for me to do smile emoticon
Thanks xxx

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