Monday, 6 April 2015


Hi there campers

It's been a GODDAMN long time again, I always say that, but blimey, when was the last time I wrote anything here?

The answer is FEBRUARY LAST YEAR. Man!!!

I have excuses guys. Last year I broke up with my boyfriend, broke my elbow in a dramatic fashion, moved to Todmorden, had a mental breakdown and finally moved back to Manchester. Since then I have been concentrating on getting better and knitting and crochet have not been high on my priorities, at least until I mastered things like: getting out of bed, getting dressed etc.

I am feeling a lot better now you guys! I am on a new drug (yum!) I have a new dude, an ace little flat in Chorlton where cats come to visit, and I have got up and got dressed MOST DAYS in the past few months! HOORAY

Okay so I will shut up about that now and get on with the important matter of BLOGGING. I have ideas, I want to make things and tell you about them and talk about craft and feminism some more and shit like this, although I will have to read some books and stuff before I can do that (one devastating consequence of depression/anti-depressants is not being able to read more than about four words before my mind trails off, Very Frustrating).

But a few weeks ago I went to St Helens to do a little crochet workshop with some of my mum's friends, so I will tell you about that. It was a lot of fun. I forgot how much I enjoy crocheting with other people, and teaching people (although I am a bit incoherent at it).

Have some pics.

Evelyn and Pat (aka mum)

Janet and Rose Ita

Janet and Rose Ita and some beautiful examples of crochet by me

Mastering the chain

a stylish bag ornament.

me being helpful and NOT forgetting how to hold the yarn

woo hoo - Rose Ita made the middle bit of a square!

onto the second round

So that was exciting. Afterwards I got an email from Rose Ita containing this excellent photo.


awesome, I won the crochet tutelage game.

I hope I will update again at some point, I need to make something good to show you. At the moment a lot of people are poppin' out babies like whoa, so I am using this as an excuse to make babythings which are small. So expect a babything, baby-makers.

I was inspired to blog today by my beautiful friend Valpuri who has just been sticking her ace makes on her own blog here. Check em out if you haven't already, she's wicked.

Okayyyy that's enough for now. take it easy friends. love you a lot xxxx

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