Sunday, 20 May 2012

Purl-ple rain

I hope you enjoy my pun, but I should tell you at this point that it's inaccurate because monsters are crocheted and there's no purling in crochet. Sorry! I couldn't think of a better Prince/crochet pun, apart from maybe 'U Got the Hook' which is rubbish. If you can think of one tell me and I'll gladly share it. I thought of another knitting one: Diamonds and Purls. There are a lot of purl puns.

Oh yeah! I crocheted a Prince monster.

This was a fun project. I just love it. He's so spangly. After some deliberation, I decided to go with the signature Purple Rain outfit, because it's just so iconic and wonderful. I really wish my monsters had hips and crotches at this point, so I could have given him the high waisted slinky trousers with a million fly buttons, but  never mind. He just has legs fused to the bottom of his big domey torso like the rest of them. Anyway I think I did a pretty good job of this, it looks wicked.

A story for you. I was wondering what to do about the studs/sequins/whatever they are stuck to Prince's right shoulder in the film, and had a brief wander around Fred Aldous on my dinner, but nothing seemed suitable. I was glumly rooting through my supplies, and whoa! I found a pair of fancy dangly earrings from back when I was a fancy dangly earring-type of lady.

Perfect, right? I couldn't believe my blimmin' luck! So here he is with his snazzy shoulder.


I'm going to start doing a somewhat arbitrary celebrity range and stick them in my Folksy shop, so keep your eye on it. There are already some somewhat arbitrary celebrities in there, but I am going to do more. MORE.

Anyway that's like, all the time we have for now, so here's Prince doing some dance movements. Goodbye. xxx

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